The following is a selection of the titles that I have indexed, by subject or type of book. See also sample indexes.

Titles by subject or type of book

Latin American/South American history:

Press, Power, and Culture in Imperial Brazil (Univ. of NM Press) | From Sea-Bathing to Beach-Going: A Social History of the Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Univ. of NM Press)

Canadian history:

Fideliter: The Regimental History of the Princess Louise Fusiliers | Expressive Acts: Celebrations and Demonstrations in the Streets of Victorian Toronto (Univ. of Toronto Press)

Memoir and biography:

A Light in the Clouds (Azrieli Foundation) | A Childhood Unspoken (Azrieli Foundation)


Thinking Government: Public Administration and Politics in Canada (5th ed., Univ. of Toronto Press) | Dying and Death in Canada (4th ed., Univ. of Toronto Press) | Canada and the United States: Differences That Count (5th ed., University of Toronto Press) | Research Methods in Critical Security Studies (Routledge) | Transform with Design: Creating New Innovation Capabilities with Design Thinking (Univ. of Toronto Press)

Geopolitics and international relations:

The Politics of the Asia-Pacific (Univ. of Toronto Press) | Comparing Political Regimes: A Thematic Introduction to Comparative Politics (4th ed., Univ. of Toronto Press) | Borders, Boundaries, Frontiers (Univ. of Toronto Press)

Social sciences and urban studies:

Before Official Multiculturalism: Women’s Pluralism in Toronto, 1950s to 1970s (Univ. of Toronto Press) | Comparative Public Opinion (Routledge)

Sample Indexes

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